Cali Clean Grinder Cleaner 8oz


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The Cali Cleaner Grinder Cleaner offers 8oz of concentrated, all-natural, organic liquid that lets your customers clean and lubricate their grinders so they perform like new! This reusable liquid cleans all metal and plastic surfaces and sifting screens too! Biodegradable liquid, safe for the environment and the smoker! Cali Clean will clean all of your parts (including the tough to reach cracks), screens, and lubricate threading to help your grinder glide like the day you bought it.

Cali Clean Features:
Size: 8 ounce
Organic cleaner
Concentrated makes 16 oz
Designed to clean and lubricate herb grinders
Made with all-natural organic ingredients
Biodegradable and safe for the environment
Reusable formula is safe for smokers

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